Dreams and Visions

Blessings Friends, What a thrilling time to be in the Kingdom of God! I hope you all are taking full advantage of this time we call the High Holy Days. My family has been so blessed since we began observing these sacred times of meeting, invitations from the Most High God himself! In this Appointed […]


Blessings Friends, I have to really wonder about my Father’s choice of imagery in my dreams and visions sometimes…some mornings I wake up thinking, man, I should not eat tacos that late! Take my last dream, for instance. I dreamed I was cruising down a road in a camping trailer with my family. The road […]


Lift Up Your Hands, Oh, Intercessors!

by Rebecca Olmstead on June 7, 2017

in Dreams and Visions

Blessings Friends, I was having my morning face time with the Lord on Pentecost Sunday, just enjoying His presence, when I decided to press in. “Lord, please show me what Heaven is saying today. How can I glorify You today?” Suddenly I saw a host of angels warring in the heavens overhead. I had no […]


Blessings Friends, Blessed, blessed Shavuot! What an amazing time to be alive and abiding in the risen Christ! I just wanted to encourage you in this season of Pentecost to take a moment to withdraw from the distractions of the world and draw near to the Lord. Great and mighty things are being released from […]


Blessings Friends, We are living in very exciting times. For those of us just coming into our prophetic mantels and discovering the amazing realms of the Spirit, the weight of these mantels can be at times quite overwhelming. We see the veterans, the Generals, on stage and screen, we see how the Holy Spirit moves […]


Blessings! Today’s promise is Romans 5:5: “Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the nature of God as my Dad. Recently, I had a vision where I stood facing […]


A Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On!

by Rebecca Olmstead on March 2, 2017

in Dreams and Visions

Blessings Friends, Hmm. I wonder which church that is…. I was in the midst of a vision during midday prayer, looking at a church building—hanging upside down in mid-air. As I pondered, two huge hands came out of Heaven, took the church on either side, and started shaking it violently up and down, which was […]


(Posted 11/11/16) Blessings Friends and Fellow Prayer Warriors, Our blessings and deepest gratitude go out to all of our brave Veterans for their selfless sacrifice to protect our liberty and defend the defenseless. May The Lord pour out His great abundance, love, healing, and restoration to you and your families! Amen! About a week before […]


Are You Prepared for the Outbreak?

by Rebecca Olmstead on January 10, 2017

in Dreams and Visions,Sharing

Blessings Friends, I just wanted to pass on a word The Lord has given me concerning an upcoming outbreak in order that you may be prepared and covered. Last night I dreamed about a great sickness (flu) which struck. I apologize for the graphic imagery, but everywhere I looked, specifically in an office building, people […]